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5 Tips for Handling Holiday Food Pushers

The holidays are a time for celebrating with loved ones, which often includes lots of delicious food. But sometimes, we can feel pressure from others to eat more than we want or try foods that don't align with our dietary preferences.

These situations can be challenging, and it's normal to feel uncomfortable or unsure how to handle them.

Here are three tips for dealing with food pushers over the holidays.

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1. Say "No, thank you": Remember that you control what you put in your body. It's okay to politely say no and turn down the food you don't want to eat, whether for health, ethical, or personal reasons.

2. Change The Subject: If you're feeling pressure to eat something you don't want to, you can try to change the subject or redirect the conversation. You can say, "I'm not feeling very hungry right now, but I'm so excited to hear more about your vacation plans!" This can help to deflect the attention away from the food and onto something else.

3. Stalling: It can give you time to think about your response and make a decision. One way to stall is to say something like: "Thanks for the offer, I'll have to think about it" or "I'll try it in a little bit."

4. Praise: Praising the host for their hard work can help diffuse any tension or conflict. Here are a few examples of what to say: "I'm going to pass on that for now, but I'd love to get the recipe from you." or " It looks delicious, but I'm full right now. I would love to take some leftovers home."

5. Humor: Using humor can be a helpful tool to alleviate tension and clarify where you stand. Try making a joke and saying something like: "I am so stuffed that I feel as if I could float away like a hot air balloon."

It can help to rehearse these strategies and what you will say ahead of time. You will most likely have to repeat yourself a few times. Remember to be firm and assertive.

I hope these tips are helpful, and I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

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